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About Us

Glen Abbot was formed in June 1998 and started off as two directors. In 2000, following nearly 2 years of Y2K work, which introduced us to the world of contingency planning we decided to specialise in Business Continuity.

David and Janet spent time in the UK and the USA training in Business Continuity and after 2 years consultancy work gained their MBCI - the turning point for Glen Abbot.

Our clients who were originally just in the UK, are now all over the world and in the last 18 months the places our consultants have worked include Scotland, England, USA, Pakistan, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Kenya and China.

Our clients vary from small businesses (SMEs) to large multi-national corporations.

Did you know?

We have clients all over the world in countries such as Scotland, England, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain and United Arab Emirates.


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