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Oil and Gas Case Study

Oil & Gas - Pandemic Flu Planning

We were retained by a major oil company, one of the largest organisations in the world, to assist them with their preparation for pandemic planning.

The project involved creating a standard plan template to be used by all businesses and locations in Europe.

Preperations for pandemic planningWe then worked with business units and locations within the organisation to provide them with guidance and assistance in formulating their specific plans.

In addition to working directly with this client, we were subsequently retained to prepare training materials for their key suppliers and to deliver classroom based training sessions for the suppliers' representatives. The highlights of this project are given below:

  • Created a full pandemic plan template and standard to be used as template for all locations globally
  • Created pandemic plan for Norwegian subsidiary
  • Carried out pandemic plan testing in UK
  • Netherlands and Germany
  • Full pandemic plan for power generation and wind farms in UK and Netherlands
  • Full pandemic plan for three major refinery operations
  • Created and ran training workshops for top 30 suppliers of the North Sea operations business

Oil & Gas - Risk and BC Management

Worked with the Board of a recently floated company specialising in construction and refinery operations outsourcing to evaluate corporate governance structure and practices and to subsequently implement a corporate risk management & business continuity management framework. The project covered board activities, reporting in London and major operations in the Middle East. We conducted a benchmarking exercise on corporate governance, using the Smith Report guidelines and provided a risk management framework covering:

  • Risk management function structure and board reporting
  • Job description for the Group Risk Manager role
  • Structure of local risk management functions
  • Risk management framework covering strategic operational, financial and business interruption risk