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Is anyone from your company travelling to a country where they might be at risk? Glen Abbot can manage that risk for you.

We can provide everything from a checklist which you can follow all the way through to someone to accompany you on the trip to manage security at your destination.

We can provide a monitoring service to advise you of issues in a country around a specific event or date and can prepare a full security plan for any location if needed.

Know Before You Go Campaign

Glen Abbot are partners on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's 'Know Before You Go' Campaign.

The campaign provides great advice for travellers of any type heading abroad.


For full details of FCO advice please click on this link

Here are some of the current links from the campaign which just might be of interest:

Lose your passport - Spain:

Lose your passport - Italy:

Lose your passport - Portugal:

Getting an Emergency Travel document:

Did you know?

We have clients all over the world in countries such as Scotland, England, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain and United Arab Emirates.


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