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Glen Abbot's BC-Assured service is there to ensure that your organisation is continuing to meet your required obligations taking into account any developments in the organisation's structure and ongoing requirements.

This can include testing, training, methodology review and basic plan maintenance which are covered in various standards such as:

  • BS 25999
  • Civil Contingencies Act
  • Parent Company, policy requirements or internal standards
  • Contractual obligations
  • Bill 198

On an annual basis over 3 years, BC-Assured covers the following tasks:

  • The creation of a rolling maintenance plan for Business Continuity
  • Quarterly visits to assess progress against maintenance plan
  • Ongoing mentoring of BC Manager
  • Skills transfer and mentoring on BS25999 and Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment maintenance
  • Advice on current industry practice and latest threats
  • Recommendations for required steps to remain current with best practice
  • Report written detailing findings of each visit
  • An annual presentation of an Business Continuity Assured Certificate
  • Ongoing phone and email support from a named consultant