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BC-Essentials equips your organisation to create and maintain a comprehensive Business Continuity Management framework.  You will gain confidence that you have planned and rehearsed, in order that when the unforeseen occurs you will know how to respond.

The BC-Essentials programme is based upon the BS 25999 standard. Using its experience Glen Abbot's team works with you to create the necessary structures, to tailor documentation, to deliver bespoke training courses and to facilitate the required workshops for your organisation.

If you require additional resources from Glen Abbot there are a range of BC-Extra modules to allow you to tailor the project to suit your specific requirements. The combination of BC-Essentials with the BC-Extra modules gives your organisation the flexibility needed to meet your specific requirements and clarity over the costs of additional services which will be delivered.

Project Initiation and Programme Management

We work closely with you to ensure our brief is clear and that the timescales, deliverables and costs are easily understood.

Understand Your Business

Using our own in-house developed software, we prepare an assessment of the level of risk your company faces. We cover both the IT requirements and the business needs to make sure that the risks identified reflect the true threats to your overall business.

We then work with your business units to identify the impacts resulting from disruptions and disasters that can affect your company. We identify the critical processes, information and functions and assess the affect of their loss or disruption. We quantify the cost of any loss and define the objectives, priorities and timeframes for recovery.

Develop the Business Continuity Strategy

We look at the alternatives available to you for recovering your operation including actions to mitigate potential loss. We examine the use of third party and off site recovery options and work with management to get agreement on the approach which best fits your needs.

Create and Implement the Business Continuity Plan

Having developed the strategy we then create a plan to meet the needs of your organisation. The Business Continuity Plan is not one plan, but a series of plans covering all levels of your organisation from the strategic to the operational and incorporating incident management plans.

Training and Testing

Your Business Continuity Plan is only as good as the people who will implement it. We work with your staff and critical suppliers to ensure they are fully trained in how to implement the plan. Once training is complete, we run tests to put the plan and those involved in its use through exercises which prove the accuracy of the plan and confirm the ability of the relevant people to use it.

Maintenance and Review

Once a plan is created and implemented it must be treated as a living document. The final stage in the planning process is to determine your maintenance, testing and review schedule to ensure your plans stay up to date. Many companies have no maintenance strategy for their plans and they quickly become outdated as the organisation changes. We offer a service which regularly reviews and tests your plans to give you confidence that if a crisis does occur you will be ready.

At the conclusion of the above activities your organisation will have a comprehensive and robust business continuity plan.