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If you require additional resources from Glen Abbot there are a range of BC-Extra modules to allow you to tailor the project to suit your specific requirements.

The combination of BC-Essentials or BC-Assured with the BC-Extra modules gives your organisation the flexibility needed to meet your specific requirements and clarity over the costs of additional services which will be delivered.

Business Impact Analysis and Risk Interviews

Glen Abbot staff to conduct extra Business Impact Analysis interviews, risk assessments and complete Business Impact Analysis questionnaires

Business Impact Analysis Quality Checks

Glen Abbot staff assess Business Impact Analysis for completeness and accuracy (including cross-checking)

Departmental Recovery Plan Creation

Glen Abbot staff interview further key departmental representatives, and complete their Departmental Recovery Plan based on the agreed template

Departmental Recovery Plan Quality Checks

Glen Abbot staff assess Departmental Recovery Plans for completeness and accuracy

Conduct Initial Audit

Cross check all Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessments, Departmental Recovery Plans, Building Plans etc. Ensure all references are followed through. Ensure complete coverage. Certify as base audit.


Delivery of additional training courses (including handout materials etc)

Scenario Exercises

Delivery of extra scenario exercises to ensure that your organisation's plans are robust and well rehearsed


Further reviews above what was agreed under BC-Assured can be delivered to ensure those extra obligations are met.